Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q: What time can I expect delivery of my daily or bespoke bouquet? 
A: We deliver all bouquets Monday - Saturday between 11am and 5pm. Our delivery team takes the most efficient route.

Q: Can I choose the flowers and colours in my little (£19) luxe (£39) or lush (£59) bouquet. 
A: We offer our little, luxe or lush bouquets in our daily design. We choose the colours and flowers depending on what is good quality and in season at the market. You can order bespoke from £79 inc delivery, with bespoke bouquets you can choose your colours and let us know the flowers you love and dislike. 

Q: My postcode is not in your delivery area. Can you still deliver to me? 
A: We can only deliver our daily designs (little, luxe and lush) to our stated delivery areas in Glasgow. We can deliver bespoke arrangements and wedding packages to all G postcodes. 

Wedding Questions

Q: Can I order a ceremony arrangement with my wedding package? 
A: We do not provide ceremony arrangements. We suggest using additional tablecentres to decorate your ceremony space. 

Q: Can I have peonies in my arrangement? 
A: We do not promise any flower varieties, particuarly those that are seasonal. However, we are likely to be able to include peonies for May and June weddings. 

Q: Can I have the tablecentres delivered to a separate address? 
A: All wedding flowers must be delivered to one delivery address. 

Q: Can I have a consultation with you to discuss my flowers? 
A: We are online only. For bespoke weddings with a consultation and bespoke weddings, please use our sister company,

Q: My wedding is on a Sunday, can I have my wedding flowers delivered on the Saturday? 
A: We are closed on Sundays and we highly recommend that flowers are always delivered on the day of the wedding. We are not able to accommodate Sunday weddings currently.